Cory Lovell: A fond farewell

For the last 15 months I had to pleasure to serve  as one of your ministers in an intern and resident capacity. The Board of Trustees, All Souls Ministry Team, and I had hoped we might receive special permission from the UUA to continue my tenure here beyond what current nationwide denominational policy guidelines allow. This exception, sadly, was not granted. Despite this particular disappointment, I am grateful for the UUA’s conscientious dedication to equity and fairness in their ministerial settlement process.

But most importantly, I am grateful for all of you.

To say that this last year and a half was transformative would be a profound understatement. Everything about my life, personally and professionally, has changed based on the time spent with this incredible community of people.

I’ve learned so much about faith, devotion, and care from our team of settled, affiliate, and volunteer ministers. I’ve learned how important and invaluable each member of a dynamic and creative church staff can be when we have a common purpose in our hearts and joy in our collaboration.

I’ve learned how beautiful human communities have the potential to be through the eclectic, pluralistic, and multi-cultural family that is this congregation of All Souls. 

We’ve walked together through a reemergence from this bewildering and terrifying pandemic. We’ve held space for one another in these tumultuous times—locally, nationally, and globally. 

We’ve also experienced some moments of sheer bliss and shalom!

Serving Neapolitan ice cream to smiling children who survived the worst of war and displacement. Celebrating 101 years of love beyond belief in person and with a full sanctuary. Rocking out to Leon, Bowie, Joni, and more.

You’ve given me support and encouragement.
You’ve given me hope.
You’ve given me a home.

My final day with All Souls will be Sunday, October 23. Between now and then I’ll be teaching some classes, assisting with the pledge drive, and participating in some exciting public discussions about issues near and dear to my heart.

I’ll also be making a point to let you all know how much you’ve meant to me and how thankful I am for having been able to serve you. I’ll never have the accurate words, but I’ll try to honor this congregation in every day of my ministry hereafter. 

With a love beyond belief,

Cory Wells Lovell