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Voting is Power: Impact in 2022

Voting is Power (ViP) engages and empowers potential voters at All Souls, in Tulsa, and in communities across the country that are impacted by voter suppression. The ViP group serves as a broad gathering place for all who are interested in at least one area of voting rights and who want to learn more, and our committee structure also allows for more detailed planning in groups for those with narrower focus.

ViP’s 2022 Impact

  • Registered/Updated 194 Voters
  • Presence at 25 registration events in partnership with:
    • Food on the Move
    • Gilcrease Hills Baptist Church
    • Terence Crutcher Foundation
    • Woody Guthrie Center
    • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
    • Metropolitan Baptist Church
    • Friendship Church
    • First Baptist North Tulsa
    • Jordan Plaza Sr. Center
    • Vernon AME
    • Clary Sage College
    • University of Tulsa
    • Antioch Baptist Church
    • NAACP
    • New Jerusalem Baptist Church – Rides to the polls
  • Notarized absentee ballots on Sunday mornings & Wednesday evenings
  • Held 3 Voter Registrar Training Events: trained 28 people (Thanks Mary Jane & Flo!)

Voting is Power has four main focus areas:

  • Voter Education led by Mary Jane Lindaman
  • Voter Mobilization (Local) Led by Floretta Reed
  • Voter Mobilization (National) led by Brian Cross
  • Partnership Building led by Lanetta Lyons and Sue Williams

Overall leadership/organization assistance is provided by Rev. Barbara Prose, Deanna Tirrell, and Amanda Shankle-Knowlton.

Keep informed and get involved by emailing votingpower@allsoulschurch.org. Learn more about ViP and other Social Justice Teams at allsoulschurch.org/get-involved/#social-justice.