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“We Dissent”

On Sunday, July 3, Rev. Barbara Prose delivered a passionate sermon entitled “We Dissent.” Do you join us in dissenting? Tell us why. Drop into the comments here or find us on Facebook.

Our country stands on the edge of a precipice. It feels impossible that on the weekend that our nation celebrates its 246th birthday, some of the freedoms and rights we hold dear have been taken away and other rights and freedom are so vulnerable. In these extraordinary and urgent times, we declare that we dissent.

Those who pursue authoritarian forms of power also provoke violence, spread disinformation, politicize independent institutions, corrupt elections and target vulnerable or marginalized communities. Voices of people in Oklahoma who are not being represented by local or national leaders must be heard across our nation as we insist on the importance of the separation between church and state and share our understanding of a God who always stands on the side of freedom and equality.

Rev. Barbara Prose

Get involved! Join the All Souls Reproductive Justice Team. The team meets on the 3rd Sunday at 1 pm. We are creating an informative and interactive space where you can get the resources you need for this important fight.

Rev. Barbara Prose is All Souls’ Executive Minister. Read her most recent contribution to our blog, Can We Talk About Abortion?

Women’s March photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash


  1. I join Reverend Barbara in dissenting, and I share her views!


    A powerful message, delivered beautifully on an issue we shouldn’t have to keep addressing! thank you

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