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Sharing Courageous Love: A Pledge To Give

Living Our Beliefs Every Day

One of the core beliefs at All Souls is our ability to make positive change for others and the world through our actions. By offering a gift and extending our hands to those in need, we have the power to uplift spirits and contribute to a better world.

Service Beyond Our Walls

Our covenant states, “Service is our law,” every Sunday, as we gather and collect an offering, we practice this principle. Rather than using those resources for the church, we work with organizations outside our walls that need assistance. We take pride in sharing a portion of what we have, for it’s through such acts that we serve people beyond our immediate community.

Sustaining Our Mission

You might wonder, however, how we manage our church’s operational needs if we give our offering away each Sunday. The answer lies with you, our members. Each year, we ask our members to make a pledge to All Souls for the upcoming year. This pledge drive is the backbone that supports the church and allows us to keep the lights on and offer the programs and services we believe in. And year after year, our members respond with incredible grace and generosity.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Historically, many have embraced the idea of a tithe – setting aside about 10% of one’s earnings for a greater good. This idea aligns with our practice of giving away our Sunday offering. Now, as we look ahead to 2024, we invite our members to consider their pledges.

Making Your Pledge

As you reflect on the upcoming year and our shared values, remember that every pledge is an act of courageous love, amplifying our collective impact in the world. Whether you contribute to All Souls directly or through us to other causes you believe in, your pledge makes a difference. We ask that you make your pledge by Nov. 12 as it helps us plan our budget for the upcoming year. You can pledge now at or you can return your pledge cards to the church directly. Together, we can ensure All Souls continues our mission of spreading love beyond belief to our community and the world at large.