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CommUUne: Spiritual Nourishment, Purposeful Entertainment

This week, we’ll be rolling out some really exciting new programming and worship opportunities as part of Wednesday Community Connections—part chapel service, part talk show, where we’ll explore local issues, our ongoing spiritual formation, how UU values are reflected in pop culture, and wonder together just what our faith will look like as we move into a challenging but exciting new era. The first episode will be online on October 6th, I hope you’ll check it out. You can also watch with us in person.

A Space to Hold Things in Common

CommUUne is a space for worship, for entertainment, for edification, and for connection. To commune means to share one’s intimate thoughts or feelings, to engage with others on a spiritual level. This from the Latin root communis, the foundation of many of our most important words… communicate, community, communion.  All of course pertaining to our enduring need to share a sense of values, purpose, meaning, to collaborate in shared nourishment of each other’s bodies and spirits. To hold things in common, even amongst our differences.

In the tradition of John Wolfe’s UNIVISION, Church of the Larger Fellowship’s The VUU, and Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism’s Whose Faith Is It Anyways? series, it is my hope that this show helps us to expand our concept of community.

Two Episodes Each Month

The October 6 episode, with special musical guest Syd Caldera, will feature perspectives from our All Souls Everywhere members about how lifelong spiritual journeys are best lived in community. On October 20, we’ll be joined by special musical guest Emmauel Wayne. The episode will focus on All Souls Social Justice initiatives and the incredible local and global impact of our congregants who choose to take action and make change.

To join us for dinner and watch CommUUne in person, please register here. To join online, visit allsouls.me/wcc.

Cory Lovell is All Souls’ intern minister for 2021-2022. Read our introduction to Cory here.

Find the latest on Wednesday Community Connections, including class lists and descriptions, on our website.

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