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Redefining Masculinity Part II: The Fifth Intention

Intentions are an important feature of Redefining Masculinity. We will live our lives intentionally, purposefully, critically, knowledgeably, skillfully and will be empowered as a result.



Redefining  Masculinity has four basic intentions. 

  1. Promote healthy conversations about masculinity that cultivates a culture that values women and girls.
  2. Raise awareness about domestic abuse and sexual violence within our community.
  3. Encourage critical thinking about societal beliefs regarding gender norms, and
  4. Empower men with the skills and knowledge to become advocates promoting healthy and respectful social norms throughout their daily lives.

There can be a fifth intention. That intention could be what we intend in our personal lives as a result of the discussion series. Some might want to form their fifth intention as a kind of trial intention prior to the series to be reconsidered as information unfolds. Others may want to consider the information and then arrive at a personal intention. Either way works well.

I’m anticipating the discussion beginning April 11 about how we will incorporate new knowledge and action into our daily lives to build a culture of respect and value with women.
Redefining Masculinity
Tuesdays, April 11 through June 6
7:00 to 8:30 p.m. | All Souls Church in Tulsa, OK | Registrations encouraged but not required. Register here.

Redefining Masculinity is a discussion based learning series for men and those identifying as men to inform, evaluate, empower and mobilize good men on their valuable role in ending violence against women. The series will be facilitated by Samantha Wade and Shawn Jackson, Education Coordinators for Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) and is sponsored by the All Souls Men’s Group.

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