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Day Alliance: Almost 100 years of love and service

How many Day Alliance members does it take to create a legend?

The answer is: nobody knows.
Since its launch on April 19, 1921, this group of All Souls women and men has been too busy doing the work to preserve almost a century of records like that. The Day Alliance, initially known as the Women’s Day Alliance, has planned and executed countless meals for the parish as well as receptions for a long list of important life events like weddings, memorial services, infant dedications and seasonal parish celebrations.

It continues to offer luncheon programs on the second Thursday of each month, bringing in speakers on a variety of topics ranging from climate change to Academy Award predictions to wine tasting.

The Gardens of the Gathering Place
Thursday, March 14  |  11:30 a.m.  |  $10 Day Alliance Members, $12 guests
Day Alliance hosts Gathering Place horticulturists Kellyn Register and Chris Gabbard. They will share plans for the gardens and what they want us to know about this amazing place.  

A Vital Resource to our Church Community

During WWII, the Day Alliance roster stood at around 50 active members, far more than the current membership of about half that number. Time and shifts in the culture have taken their toll, even as the gifts of time, treasure and talent offered by this active group continue to be a vital resource to the health of our community.

The Day Alliance has been a dependable and frequent source of financial support for All Souls from its earliest days through today. Every dollar earned through the unrecorded number of bake sales, cookbook publishing and sales, catering for special events, and monthly luncheon programs has been generously shared.

Financial support from the Alliance has been as important within these walls as it has been to local, regional, national and international charities. Kitchen equipment and maintenance has been provided. Chancel flowers purchased and arranged. Scholarships presented to seminarians. In-house beneficiaries have included our ministers’ discretionary funds, the youth choir’s annual trips, our own Sonen Library, furnishings for Thoreau Lounge. Most recently, you may have noticed fresh paint in the bathrooms. Again, the vitality of this devoted group is parallel with the vitality, and beauty, of our church home.

This enthusiastic group is not resting on its laurels. The seven-member board of directors is currently deliberating about the financial support the Day Alliance will pledge toward the ongoing capital campaign. All Souls Day Alliance does provide members with a monthly financial report. Sue Ames, a long time Alliance member, is the current board president and John Biedler is the president-elect.

Building Close Relationships

Ruth Richards, immediate past-president and current first vice president, recently recalled joining the Day Alliance soon after coming to All Souls because it was one of just a few “small connection groups” available. In a congregation this size, it is helpful to build close relationships through activities like Day Alliance, Wednesday Connections classes, an activity like book study or yoga, or singing in a choir.

Annual dues in Day Alliance is $10. Monthly programs, including lunch, are $10 for members and $12 for guests. Program topics typically are suggested by Alliance members or guests and frequently emerge from discussions among the Alliance board.

There is nothing the Day Alliance would like more than to continue its charge to deliver fellowship, knowledge, and service into its second century within our faith community. In order for that to happen, it is imperative that new members join its ranks.

If you are interested in joining in and supporting the work of the Day Alliance, call 918-770-1790 and leave a message or visit with members and guests at any of the Day Alliance events.

Make Memorials Memorable
Email Carrie Stuart-Grote at
Day Alliance needs volunteers to help set up, prepare refreshments, and serve at memorial receptions. This affordable service Day Alliance provides to members in our congregation and community is a form of care and love beyond belief.

“All Souls could not be, and would not be, what and who we are today without the dedication of our Day Alliance members. We are grateful for your love and service.” — Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar



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