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Centennial Awards: Barry & Nancy Wilder

In our Centennial year, All Souls is honoring members of our church who have contributed greatly to shape how our congregation and community care for each other. On Sundays, we are featuring an honoree, highlighting their service and their meaningful experiences.

Heart of Pastoral Care Award

Thanks to Barry & Nancy Wilder for their years of service and contributions to All Souls Care Team and the Pastoral Care program. When asked about their volunteer work, Barry said, “I’ve been very honored when members have invested their trust in me, first of all to trust that I’ll acceptably understand their issue but also to help find helpful answers. Most often they needed a listening, understanding and caring ear. With their willingness to be open, they usually found their own answers. Receiving that trust was a priceless gift.”

Nancy shared, “I’ve learned that even though I might enjoy a movie or watch a favorite football team more than jumping in the car and going to a person in need of simple human kindness, the payoff of love and gratitude from the person you help is worth more than the Super Bowl. It may not be much that one does, bring a meal, listen to the person’s story or provide concrete information they needed.”

Barry encourages others to become involved in the Church and our community. “I would tell a new volunteer, “Don’t worry about knowing all the answers. The answers usually reveal themselves as you and the person explore their situation.” If you don’t feel you can help this person after hearing them out, call on others who might be of help, another Care Team Member or a Minister. Nobody expects everyone to be Mother Theresa.”

All Souls members receive pastoral care from our ministers and community 24/7. Pastoral Care Teams include the Care Team, Friendly Souls, Helping Souls, Life Decisions, Parish Nurses, Shawl Ministry, and Spirit Song. To earn more about all of our teams, receive care, or serve as a volunteer, visit allsoulschurch.org/get-involved/#pastoral-care.

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