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OK Voter Guide: Get the facts to #UUtheVOTE

Powered by our Voting is Power (VIP) team, #UUtheVote from All Souls is calling for you to get engaged! Join #UUtheVote team meetings for voter outreach in targeted voter suppression areas. ACTION Tulsa is partnering with Community Resource Bank (CRB) for drive up Absentee Ballot Notary & Coats/Blanket drive supporting the homeless ministry of Vernon AME Church in Greenwood. Dates and details on Notary & Share the Warmth Drive!

Informing in Plain Language

Facilitating and encouraging voter engagement and the removal of barriers to voting are basic precepts of the UU the Vote effort. Our UU the Vote team will be utilizing the information in this year’s League of Women Voters of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Voter Guide 

One of the many reasons cited by non-voters for not voting is that they do not know anything about the candidates or do not understand the questions to be voted on. State questions appear on most General Election ballots, are written in legislative legalize and can often be confusing. The Ballot Title is the brief description of the issue being voted on and that’s what you see on the ballot. If a voter arrives at the polls not having read them at all or having done little or no research in advance, chances are they will either make a random uninformed choice or won’t mark the ballot at all.   

In 2016, not only was there a contentious race for President of the United States, but there were eight state questions on the ballot. The questions were complex and consequential. Though some people may have cast their vote for a presidential candidate, many would bypass the state questions altogether.  

Removing Barriers 

This barrier to full participation in the voting process is what launched the Oklahoma Voter Guide print and digital publication in 2016 and was developed again in 2018. The 2020 issues launched October and can be downloaded at okvoterguide.com/ 

Being an informed voter means taking some time to research what will be on a ballot and the Voter Guide is an efficient way to do that research.

Easy Research in Little Time 

On the November 3, 2020 ballot we will have SQ 805 and SQ 814, both of which have implications for underserved Oklahomans and for those convicted for felonies.  This year’s Voter Guide will explain, in understandable language, the State Questions – including “Opponents Say” and “Proponents Say” arguments.  

In addition to general voting information, the Voter Guide will include info about candidates running for federal and state-level offices and judicial retention candidates. The Voter Guide will be distributed in the Tulsa World and in The Oklahoman and their affiliate newspapers on Sunday, October 11 and will be available at www.okvoterguide.com, a mobile friendly website.  The print version of the Voter Guide will also be available from all League chapters, through the Oklahoma Public Library System and from All Souls UUtheVote team members. 

UU the Vote | Join the movement with All Souls!  
Tuesdays – October 13 & 27  |  4 – 5:30 pm  |  Register: bit.ly/voteuu
All Souls UU the Vote is a nonpartisan team taking action to ensure that our democracy reflects our UU values of justice, equity, and compassion. Current projects include spreading understanding of Oklahoma’s voting process and outreach to voters traditionally targeted by voter suppression efforts nationwide. New faces are always welcome.  

Share the Warmth & Notary Drive!
Sun, Oct 18, 1-3pm | Wed, Oct 21, 4-6pm | Sat, Oct 24, 10am-2pm

Mary Jane Lindaman is a member of the Tulsa Chapter –League of Women Voters Oklahoma and serves on our UU the Vote team. Join Mary Jane and our UU the Vote initiative by signing up to attend the State Question Summit on September 11 at 4 p.m. Simply email Office@LWVOK.org to receive the link attend this virtual meeting.  

UU the Vote is a non-partisan faith initiative of the Unitarian Universalist Association. UU the Vote’s mission is to engage our neighbors, educate our communities, mobilize voters, and rally around key ballot initiatives. 

Cover photo: https://okvoterguide.com/

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