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Native American Month

Osiyo! Deborah Fritts da-wa-do a-ya tsi-tsa-la-gi.” Hello! My name is Deborah Fritts, I am Cherokee.

With November being Native American month, I would like to make some suggestions on ways to observe and understand the various tribal nations and their histories.

Museums! A great way to learn about the various Native nations here in Oklahoma is to let them share their own individual stories with you. With 39 tribes in Oklahoma, there is always something new to discover. Here are just a few suggestions.

All Souls sits on land that was originally Osage and then after removal it became the Muscogee Nation Reservation. Here are links to their museums as well as to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum.

While most of Tulsa is within the Muscogee Reservation, part of it is within the Cherokee Nation Reservation. Although we have 6 museums, there is just one link that will tell you about all of them and about Cherokee history and culture.

Here are some other suggestions:

Chickasaw Cultural Center

Choctaw Cultural Center

First Americans Museum

This should be enough to get you started, however because Oklahoma is home to 39 tribes there are still a lot more to explore!

Deborah Fritts is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. She works for her tribe in the Cultural Tourism department and runs the Cherokee Art Market.