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Centennial Awards: George Krumme

In our Centennial year, All Souls is honoring members of our church who have contributed greatly to shape how our congregation and community care for each other. On Sundays, we are featuring an honoree, highlighting their service and their meaningful experiences.

Honorary President for Life Award

When George Krumme and his wife Eddy joined All Souls almost sixty years ago, they were attracted by the church’s commitment to the welfare of all souls, physical as well as religious. They both tried to perform within that ethos, with service to numerous charitable and service organizations. Both served as presidents of All Souls.

The dearest wish of the human heart is to matter, and few things matter more than an active concern for the welfare of others.

—George Krumme

George’s personal activities through the decades have concentrated more on political matters, but he contends that his partisan pursuits have generally been consistent with the spirit of All Souls, a dedication to the welfare of all, and, as in the teachings of Jesus, with a special commitment to the well-being of the dispossessed and the disadvantaged.

George believes that All Souls receives the recognition of the Tulsa community as a valuable asset, and he urges members to continue to earn that respect, both individually and through activities of the church. The dearest wish of the human heart is to matter, and few things matter more than an active concern for the welfare of others. 

And it is exactly that everlasting concern for the welfare of others and to All Souls that makes George a valuable asset to our community.  Congratulations George Krumme on the All Souls Honorary President for Life Centennial Award. 

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