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This Time It Happened in A Church …

I sat with my family stunned with sadness and anger at the news of another mass shooting. This time, it happened in a church while people of all ages were gathered to worship. I pray for those hurt and killed and for their loved ones and community. A member of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas said that “half of the church is gone.”  

My prayers, however, are not sufficient. Prayers do not support those who are traumatized. They do nothing to protect ourselves and others against future senseless acts of mass gun violence. 

It is a truism that some things we cannot control.

Society will likely always have people with broken hearts or minds who will set out to harm or kill others. It seems to me that limiting access to guns and weapons, that are created with the sole purpose of maximizing the killing of people, would be a wise and lifesaving decision. 

I ask that our church, our community of All Souls, continue to be a place of healing for those who are traumatized and grieving. We are here for you and are a phone call away. Please call our CareTeam Hotline at (918) 724-TEAM (8326). You can email the CareTeam too

May our church be a people who work with others to end prejudice and violence of all kinds and who advocate for sensible laws that restrict access to weapons being used repeatedly to kill and harm our communities. 

Let us continue to Love Beyond Belief through our words and our actions. 


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