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Life is Art: The Joy of Transformation

Not only is art a process of transformation but so is life. When we talk about spirituality we are talking about our inner life. Each of us has our own inner journey that we are traveling along that is filled with our own thoughts and feelings and experiences that only we have full access to. Most people have some stories or experiences that they never share because they are afraid that no one will understand or that people will reject them for it.

One of the gifts of transformation is to take something that is difficult or unfinished or burdensome and to turn it into something of beauty or value. Some people turn their grief into compassion for others. Many people turn their trauma into a source of hope and healing. People turn experiences of rejection into a life of inclusion and acceptance of others.

The Gift of Transformation

What are you carrying inside that is ready to be transformed into something life-giving and beautiful? Following are some questions and prompts that might open the door for a transformation toward hope in your life. It’s springtime. Why should the whole earth and its plants experience new life and renewal and not you too? Be an artist with your life. Turn a troubling “yellow spot” in your journey into a ray of sunshine.

Questions for transformation:

How aware are you of your inner journey?

Who do you trust enough to share that journey with?

Are there things that you carry inside that only you know? Are those secrets rooted in shame? Who might you trust enough to share such a secret(s) with?

If you have a secret which you’ve never shared that is hampering you or filling you with troubling feelings, consider finding a safe person to share it. If the person is trustworthy and caring, you will discover that no matter what you have done or failed to do or what has been done to you, you are loved and lovable and worthy. Remember, you don’t have to be finished to be whole.

Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar is the Senior Minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He celebrated 20 years at All Souls during the church’s Centennial. Follow Marlin’s cartooning on Instagram, @MarlinLavanharCartoons. You can read more of his blogs on beyondbelief.online; All Souls exclusive blog sharing stories of our free faith, curated from the heartland.

Image credit: Scott Evans at Unsplash

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