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Embracing Justice at All Souls: The Justice League Sermon Series and Beyond

In the heart of our community at All Souls, justice is more than a theme—it’s a call to action. As we step into the New Year with The Justice League sermon series, we’re also shining a light on the various justice teams that are the lifeblood of our activism.

The Justice League Sermon Series

The Justice League sermon series isn’t just about discussing justice; it’s about living it. Each week, our ministers will draw parallels between iconic superheroes and our own call to action. For instance, Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar will kick off the series by discussing the creation of Superman during World War 2 as a response to antisemitism, drawing parallels to contemporary issues of justice and advocacy. It’s a reminder that, like the heroes we admire, we each have the power to combat hatred and bigotry in all its forms. You can join us live for this kickoff sermon on Sunday, January 7 at 10am for our Unitarian Universalist service or at 11:30am for The Point Humanist Hour. You can also watch online through our website, Facebook and YouTube pages.

Spotlight on Our Justice Teams:

At All Souls, our commitment to justice takes many forms, reflecting the diverse passions and concerns of our congregation. Our justice teams are the heart of this work, each focusing on different aspects of social justice and advocacy. Whether you’re drawn to educational mentorship, LGBTQ+ rights, racial equity, environmental stewardship, or another area, there’s a team where your passion and action can intersect. Each team offers a unique way to live out your values and connect with others who share your commitment to making a difference. By getting involved, you become part of a larger movement toward a more just and compassionate world. You can find a full list of our justice teams below, or you can visit our website to learn more. Whether you have a few hours a month or more time to offer, your contribution can make a real impact.

Join Us In Our Journey For Justice:

As we delve into The Justice League sermon series this January, we invite you to reflect on what justice means to you and how you can be part of the change. Consider joining one of our many justice teams, attending the sermon series, or simply engaging in conversations about these critical issues. Together, we can be a force for positive change.

All Souls Justice Teams:

  • All Souls ACTION: Partnering in ACTION Tulsa to work across faith-based and civic institutions for the common good.
  • All Souls Reads: A book group exploring the human condition and oppressive circumstances through literature.
  • Refugee Relief Team: Providing support and compassion to refugees, helping them find safety and community in Tulsa.
  • Book Store: Offering current books and novels of interest, often reflecting our congregation’s commitment to social justice and understanding.
  • Community Resource Bank (CRB): Addressing food insecurity as a Partner Agency of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.
  • Criminal Justice Outreach: Advocating for at-risk youth, Oklahoma felons, and their families.
  • DIVE Team: Fostering beloved relationships and racial unity through empathic action and reflection.
  • LGBTQ+ & Allies: Welcoming and integrating LGBTQ+ members into our community.
  • Partners In Education (PIE): Mentoring students and supporting educators to promote engagement and academic success.
  • Reproductive Justice: Advocating for bodily autonomy and reproductive healthcare rights.
  • REWIRE: A racial identity group for white people to unlearn racism and become effective allies.
  • SHADZ: Aiming to heal BIPOC of trauma experienced through all forms of racism and to uncover racial value and worth.
  • Voting is Power (VIP): Engaging and empowering voters, focusing on communities impacted by voter suppression.
  • Criminal Justice League: Transforming the Tulsa criminal justice system to a restorative model and supporting partner agencies addressing these issues.