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To those who joined us for our two, recent Braver Angels workshops, Family & Politics and/or Depolarizing Within, I wanted to say thank you. For those who haven’t participated in Braver Angels yet, there is an opportunity to join our team today and workshops will be hosted in the future.

Tim Tardibono, my “Red” Braver Angels Co-coordinator in Oklahoma City, and I know we are being transformed by this brave work and imagine those who joined us are noticing the same.

Tim and I are co-coordinators for the newly formed Braver Angels Oklahoma Alliance and are just getting this work started in our state. We just completed our first Red-Blue workshop with coordinators from across the nation and are eager to bring that experience to as many people in OK as possible!

Join our Braver Angels Oklahoma Team!

We need people to train as zoom event managers and as workshop moderators so we can do this work of transforming our uncivil war into civil conversations.

We plan to work with legislators, clergy people, teachers and more. Anyone and everyone can PARTICIPATE and LEAD with just need training. Please, reach out to me directly to learn more or sign up for a training below.

Trainings and Info:
Step-By-Step Guide for organizing Braver Angels workshops
Training for zoom event managers
Training for workshop moderators
And check out the great Braver Angels website,

We can’t wait to meet and work with you!

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” —Alice Walker

Rev. Barbara Prose is the Executive Director of Ministry at All Souls in Tulsa and Co-coordinator of Braver Angels Oklahoma Alliance. Read more from Rev. Barbara Prose on Watch Rev. Barbara Prose sermon, Fierce Intimacy as she shares about the life-changing work of Braver Angels.

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