Justice Revival
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A Collective: World Cafe on Justice

From day one at the 2022 Justice Revival, held in person on April 9, we are sharing the collective responses to questions posed at each table. The World Cafe format allows for structured conversations with one question discussed at each table. After discussion, participants move to a new table with different people and a different question. Someone at each table collected notes and below is a collective of those discussions.

Attendees at the Justice Revival were members of All Souls, Tulsans, people from all faiths, ethnicities, cultures, and races. Rev. Chris Moore, Board President of TMM, shared about the Refugee Resettlement interfaith projects happening in Tulsa. Representatives from each of the Justice Teams shared about their work and volunteer needs.

Day 2 of the Justice Revival is April 23, 9 to Noon.

Learn more about fundraising for justice work and hear from keynote, Cynthia Jasso, El Centro Board Member & Vibrant & Inclusive Tulsa, GKFF.

The questions were:

What justice issues does Tulsa face today?

Big oil companies built a inequitable system on stolen land – we still need to wrestle with that.
Attacks on people of color by police
No citizen oversight of police
Elected officials who do want to change things aren’t able to do much
Barriers in schools – teachers not able to address needs
Availability of adequate healthcare
Unreasonable charges for non-violent offenses
Environmental injustice – air quality differences
Support of institutions that counteract anti-justice propaganda
Transportation access and infrastructure
Attacks on LGBTQ+ – the target is trans people – by local and state legislation
Stuck in the past – trying to maintain the “good ol white” days
Lack of knowledge of Tulsa’s history and the work being done to heal
Judgement toward non-white and refugee families moving to Tulsa
Reproductive Justice – Supporting Women’s rights to choose and access to Reproductive care
Gender inequality
Predatory systems that prey on the vulnerable
Criminal Justice- unequal sentencing, fees, bail system, etc
Racial discrimination
North and south disparities
No legal protection for those being evicted or applying for housing – w/ out of state landlords and no right to council
Increased homelessness
Mental health – lack of services, not enough professionals, or access
Too many people saying “I’ve got Mine” – Influence by western, white, Christianity
Fear that resources are limited, like a pie
Insufficient, affordable, and stable housing
Employment discrimination – need “2nd chance” employers
Lack of info about elections, voter turn out & hindering voting
Uniform recycling
Circle of poverty and substance abuse
Racial segregation
Human Trafficking
Public transportation
Housing, Income, Economic & Education inequality
Mental Health Teams (CRTs) – need more to go out on mental health calls
Systemic Racism
Struggling to be a truly welcoming city

What does SERVICE mean to you?

Communicating and working with the communities being served in order to determine what the actual needs are and then to meet actual needs.
Acting with and giving dignity and sharing in the joy with those you serve
Bring more compassion and empathy
Assisting in the continued helpfulness of humanity
An activity of connection
Using our time and resources to improve the world\
The platinum rule: What do “they” need – not what do “we think” they need.
People are not alone in service
Focusing on systemic changes
Service requires listening, not assumption
Service is not giving up, it’s staying at the table
Service helps me get up in the morning with purpose
Doing the best I can in sharing my gifts and talents
Ability to lead
Changing ways of service to meet the changing challenges and environment
Serve to live in accordance with our values
Helping people grow with intention
Connecting people with the talents, availability, skills, to best meet needs
Service is part of our covenant it is our church’s law.
Being a servant and productive in the community
Devotion to non-profit work
De-centering one’s self
Being aware of what I can give and giving intentionally
You get back what you put in
Understanding when change is necessary and acting on it
It takes action to achieve a “beloved community”
It’s about putting others first
Helps to focus values, priorities, and actions
A spiritual practice
Getting out of your comfort zone
Helping people and communities
Service gives the “feel goods”
Living out my inner values
Doing what needs to be done, when and how it needs to be one
Being a part of the joy in life
Sustaining connectedness
Giving a project or purpose legs – My well being is caught up in my service
Healing ourselves so we can help others
Being active to help others
To be outside of ourselves and inside the community
Not just writing a check
Being involved and reaching out
Identify a passion, then educate yourself, then work within it
Giving freely of my time to something I believe in
Making a difference
Creating Space in my life to do something positive

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