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More Than 70 New Members Welcomed To All Souls Family

On Sunday, the walls of our sanctuary echoed with the unified voices of our community, both old and new. It wasn’t just any Sunday service; it was a day that marked a new chapter in the lives of 71 individuals who, after their individual journeys of seeking and searching, decided to call All Souls Unitarian Church their home.

A Bond Sealed in Covenant

The beauty of our church lies in the bonds we form with one another. This connection was palpable as the new member recognition ceremony commenced.

“Will you, new members, honor our covenant to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another?” asked Reverend Randy Lewis. A resounding “I will” filled the space, symbolizing commitment and hope. And as the congregation echoed the same sentiment, it served as a gentle reminder that our church’s strength lies in its collective spirit.

A Journey of Connection

Two days prior, on Friday, a special dinner set the stage for these new members to mingle and connect. The opportunity to meet and interact with our ministers and the dedicated All Souls staff, including our member coordinator Nefertiti Sanders, who deserves a special shoutout for the hard work she put in for this event!

The good feelings carried over to Sunday where we heard an inspiring testimony from one of our newest members, Aubrie Howell. “In our quest for a new spiritual home, we found ourselves in the parking lot of a church proudly displaying ‘Black Lives Matter'”, she said. Aubrie’s heartfelt words painted a picture of her family’s journey — a quest for acceptance, love, and a spiritual sanctuary.

Aubrie shared, “All Souls became our sanctuary. A place where we felt accepted and valued. A place where we could authentically be ourselves.” Her sincere gratitude for those who have pledged their support to the church was evident. And as she spoke about her family’s commitment to stand “physically, spiritually, and financially” with All Souls, it was a poignant reminder of the importance of our ongoing pledge drive.

The Power of Pledging

Aubrie’s words underline a crucial aspect of our community: our pledge drive. It’s through the collective contributions of members, both past and present, that we ensure our church remains a beacon of hope, love, and acceptance. Especially in places like Oklahoma, where our unique blend of spirituality offers solace to many.

So, as we celebrate the addition of our wonderful new members, we also hope to inspire more of our congregation to pledge. To ensure that All Souls continues to serve as a sanctuary for anyone seeking refuge, acceptance, and a place to worship authentically. You can make your pledge at allsouls.me/pledge.

Looking Ahead

Our journey doesn’t end here. Every Sunday, new faces walk through our doors, each with their stories, their quests, and their hopes. Let’s continue to ensure that All Souls remains a space that welcomes all, nurturing each soul that seeks its warmth.

To our new members, welcome home. To our existing members, thank you for continuing to be the pillars of this community. And to those still on their journey, may you find your way to a spiritual home as loving and accepting as All Souls.