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The beginning of a pilgrimage: Camino de Santiago

Rev. Barbara Prose and Anitra Lavanhar share their pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.

From California, Paris, Portugal and Oklahoma, we are finally all together!   

We spent some time with each other in the capital city of Madrid—and it was fun. Some of us in the group when on a tapas tour while others went to see flamenco. A few in the group toured Madrid’s beautiful city on a double decker bus. 

Our pilgrimage begins

We took a bus from Madrid to O’Cebreiro, our starting point on the Camino. O’Cebreiro is beautiful, tiny mountain town with rich history. This enchanted village has hosted pilgrims from all over the world for hundreds of years. 

Some of us are here for a reason, others of us are trusting the reason will come clear as we make our way.  

Before we left to trek 13 miles on our first day, we went to a special pilgrim’s mass in a beautiful ancient chapel the night before. Supposedly this chapel is where the Holy Grail was hidden. The pilgrim’s blessing was read in many languages from Korean to Portuguese. 

The young priest had us all stand on the chancel while the blessing was read. He then hugged each of us and gave us a small stone with a yellow arrow on it to help us find our way on the Camino.  

Paso a Paso  

Paso a Paso….one step at a time.  

That was our blessing.  

“The stone represents your life, and your life is in your hands.” he said.  

Will we be able to let go?  

Will be able to forgive?  

Will we find what we are looking for?  

We know there will be ups and downs, curves and hills, rain and sun, fog, fear and fatigue. But each one of us have shared and expressed our feelings of gratitude to have been called to walk this way where so many have walked before.   

The Camino magic has already seeded itself in our hearts. There is rain to water our seeds.   

How will we grow?   

We will see ….  

Rev. Barbara Prose and Anitra Lavanhar will share more from their Camino experience as they reach their destinations each night. Come back to beyondbelief.online to read more as their journey continues.

Read more from fellow pilgrim Roni Jackons-Kerr in her post, 10 things I learned on the Camino.

Photos courtesy of Anitra Lavanhar.



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