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Small Works, Big Impact

A short story of Rainbow Bread & Kids sharing the LOVE they learned with All Souls by Berkeley Shouse.

My daughter Violet’s favorite author, Mo Willems, partnered with the Kennedy Center in D.C. for the Small Works Project, which recognizes 50 people nationwide who completed small acts of kindness in their community. A few weeks ago, we saw a woman asking for money and Violet asked why the woman was doing that. So, we talked about homelessness, poverty, etc., and I reminded her of the work we’ve done with Community Resource Bank (CRB). I explained that we volunteered with the CRB in order to help people get food they needed so they would be healthy.

“I’m so proud of her and I wanted to share how Violet’s already carrying on the mission of CRB and our church!”

Violet decided she wanted to raise money for the Food Bank, so she baked her own rainbow roasted veggie focaccia bread and sold it to raise money! All I did was measure out the yeast and put it in and out of the oven, she did all the mixing and everything else. Violet was chosen to be featured on the Kennedy Center website and she’ll receive a one-of-a-kind painting from Mo Willems!

An image of Violet's Rainbow Bread

I’m so proud of her and I wanted to share how Violet’s already carrying on the mission of CRB and our church!

See all the acts of kindness selected here (Violet’s is #39, posted on October 15).

Because of Violet’s effort to make the world a better place, 10 pounds of chicken was purchased to feed families. Thank you Violet!

Caleb, Violet and Berkeley Shouse

Berkeley Shouse and her family are members of All Souls and volunteer with our food ministry, Community Resource Bank. She also supports Partners In Education by donating delicious cakes from Honey B. Bakehouse for the annual Sing for Our School fundraiser.

The CRB fosters awareness about issues of poverty and hunger by responding to the hunger crisis by distributing material goods and food to our partner schools and partner agencies. The CRB is a proud partner agency of Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Read more about the impact CRB has in Tulsa. Contact:

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