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Centennial Awards on Heritage Sunday

In our Centennial year, All Souls is honoring members of our church who have contributed greatly to shape how our congregation and community care for each other. Each Sunday, we’ve featured an honoree, highlighting their service and their meaningful experiences.

On Sunday, March 27 at the celebration of our 101st birthday, we’ll recognize all our award recipients, including our final two honorees, Donna Dutton and Barbara Wolf.

Enjoy these brief videos, which share the accomplishments and contributions of our honorees.

Cheryl Schaefer: Church School Award

Janet Allen: Voices of All Souls Award

Jim Walker: Voices of All Souls Award

Trish Lieser: All Souls Partnership Award

Nancy McDonald: Partners in Education Award

Hugh Burleigh: Housing Outreach Award

Davis Joyce: History Award

Dave Kroll: Lifetime Achievement for Governance & Stewardship Award

Emily Wood: Love is the Spirit Award

Sue Ames: Reproductive Rights Advocacy Award

Rick Gardner: Outreach Award

Arlene Johnson: Women of All Souls Award

George Krumme: Honorary President for Life Award

Flo Reed: Intercultural Bridging Award

Bill Jensen: Behind the Scenes Award

Judy Jarvis: Simple Gifts Award

Barry & Nancy Wilder: Heart of Pastoral Care Award

Congratulations to each and every one of our Award Recipients. Join us in celebrating them on Heritage Sunday! There will be one Service for All at 10:30, with the festivities beginning at 11:30 and the awards ceremony at 1 pm. We can’t wait to see you!

Do you have a story you’d like to tell?

All Souls is always looking for unique perspectives, stories of our Unitarian faith in practice, community building, and the human experience. We also need volunteers to help us capture church life through photography, videography, editing, storytelling, and AV work. To connect and volunteer in any of these capacities, please email our Director of Communications Bonita James, bjames@allsoulschurch.org.

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