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The Promise of Universalism

Nadir Zaman, 24 year-old British Bangladeshi Unitarian Universalist from London, UK, recently wrote to Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar and shared a sermon in honor of Rev. Lavanhar’s late daughter, Sienna.

With Nadir’s permission, we wanted to share his Promise of Universalism with you.

“I love the All Souls ministry so very much. All Souls is a spiritual home away from home.” – Nadir Zaman

The Promise of Universalism

In loving memory of Sienna Lavanhar. May my love and soul be with her. Amen.

What is universalism? What does it stand for? Why is it important?

Does it have any relevance to God?

Universalism is the spirit of inclusiveness and expansiveness. The ability to explore your spiritual individuality without boundaries of intimidation holding you hostage.

Knowledge can be sought in all areas of faith whether it is the Holy Quran, Holy Bible, Torah, the teachings of the Buddha, the natural world, science or secular philosophy.

Universalism promises to give all of God’s creation the chance of forgiveness and the opportunity to succeed regardless of theology and creed.

Love is the ultimate salvation as love is the essence of God and truth and can be obtained by all spiritual beings in this wonderful universe.

Universalism promises to celebrate the uniqueness of creation as all spiritual beings are individual spiritual vessels—that connect with God in a variety of different ways, connect with their soul in a variety of different ways, have different theologies or creeds, have different belief systems, are influenced by several different teachings—with each person embarking on a separate spiritual journey in comparison to one another.

All spiritual beings want to seek enlightenment!
But what enlightenment is for you may not be the same for someone else.

It is up to you to figure out what your enlightenment is.

Love will guide you there as your faithful, loyal companion.

Love is not bias neither is it selective.

It is truly universal and transcends all obstacles of division.

Love is the very conscious existence that lives within us all.

Love has no skin colour and does not belong only to one particular culture.

Love is the bridge between the gaps of social inequality and helps us to confront the painful reality of discrimination.

It is love that universalism promises.

Love that brings people together and opens their mind and hearts to new possibilities of understanding religion and faith.

So, when someone outside of the All Souls family asks you what is Universalism?

Don’t confuse them with complicated theological reasoning tell them with honesty and truth that Universalism is LOVE.

Love beyond colour.
Love beyond gender.
Love beyond culture.
Love beyond belief.

In the name and nature of LOVE.


By: Nadir Zaman

We are so grateful to Nadir for sharing his words. Nadir is joining All Souls as a Virtual Member. All Souls virtual membership is for those who live outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma but would like to stay connected and support the vision of All Souls. If you’d like to join, visit

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