Practice & Voice, BeyondBelief


The colt,
unsteady gait to gallop—
               beside long, barbed fence;

The woman,
her walk a melody—
               his crude, roving eyes;

The lovestruck,
blush leaping hot to cheek—
               legislation, lost;

The ravenous,
hand to silken pudding—
               labels, searched like prayer;

The family,
to broad table, beaming—
               Door shut, bolt fastened;

The young,
rounds of laughter lifting—
               silent social norms;

The flag
waving for unity—
               red line, pipeline split;

The men,
yearning to be held tight—
               lone superhero;

The book,
affirming a way through—
               censorship by fear;

The refugee,
hasty fire huddle—
               border wall agent;

The child—
ear to favorite teacher,
               AR-15, cocked;

Freedom is always—

Sasha Martin is National Geographic author and poet. She is a member of All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her poetry can be found on Instagram (@thatsashamartin) and her web site

Cover photo by Антон Дмитриев on Unsplash