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Facing the Headlines in the #MeToo Movement

On Sunday, September 30, our ministers and worship team collaborated to Face the Headlines, and create a space for comfort, commentary, and healing in regards to the continuous news of sexual trauma and assault and the wake of the #MeToo movement.
Below are the homilies of Rev. Marlin Lavanhar and Rev. Barbara Prose and a testimonial by Stacey Craig. Continue watching to experience the healing music of pastor David B. Smith and our New Dimensions Chorale.


“The ending of thousands of years of male abuse is long over due … and I think we’re getting there.” — Rev. Marlin Lavanhar

“The more of us who tell our stories, them more our world is changing.” — Rev. Barbara Prose

“I’m a member of a community, this community … so something else happened.” —Stacey Craig.
Stacey shares her story about how her “righteous rant” lead to another member of the All Souls community taking to heart her words and doing something about it. Listen to her #MeToo story.

Spiritually-centered care giving is at the heart of our church and is conducted through our many Pastoral Care Teams. All Souls members have access to pastoral care 24/7 every day of the year. All Souls’ Care Team has a commitment to meet the pastoral care needs of our members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Care Team Hotline: 918.724.TEAM (8326)

Learn more about All Souls commitment to providing care and living out Love Beyond Belief, visit allsoulschurch.org.

Redefining Masculinity is a learning discussion series for men and those identifying as men to inform, evaluate, empower and mobilize good men to:

  • Promote healthy conversations about manhood that cultivates a culture that values women and girls,
  • Raise awareness about gender discrimination, domestic abuse and sexual violence within our community,
  • Encourage critical thinking about societal beliefs regarding gender norms,
  • Empower men with the skills and knowledge to become advocates promoting healthy and respectful social norms in their daily lives.

Brian Turner shared his experiences with beyondbelief.online during the first Redefining Masculinity class. Check out his post, There’s Something Happening Here.
To learn more about The Men of All Souls or Redefining Masculinity, email mensgroup@allsoulschurch.org.

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