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Salute to Pie Volunteers

Partners in Education requires versatile volunteers.

They ride bikes, sling hash, drive buses, read books and more…simply, they are the “the heart of PIE,” says Margo Mitchell, chair of All Souls Partners in Education.

“They are committed to PIE’s vision to be a catalyst for engagement among students, administrators and the community.”

She estimates 60+ of these volunteers have worked during the 2022-23 school year.

All Souls first sent volunteers to Jackson Elementary School in 1990. One year later, President George H.W. Bush launched the “1000 Points of Light” campaign and established April as National Volunteer Month.

Just a coincidence?

For 30+years, PIE volunteers at Jackson/Unity Learning Academy, have been reading and biking buddies, field trip chaperones, incentive store clerks and servers of monthly dinners when they also help distribute groceries to families.

More recently at Monroe Demonstration Academy, volunteers have served as math and reading tutors for middle schoolers.

If you cannot volunteer, you can support PIE with a donation to pay for gasoline (field trips), merchandise (incentive programs) or sweatshirts (emblems of pride). Contact Margo Mitchell at margomitchell1949@gmail.com.

We celebrate our ever-versatile volunteers, especially during April!

For information on how you can help, contact pie@allsoulschurch.org.

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