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Centennial Award: Dave Kroll

After moving to Tulsa in 1975, Dave Kroll and his wife Marjorie were looking for a church that offered their young daughters a liberal religious education. Upon recommendation from friends they visited All Souls.  And after hearing John Wolf preach at that first visit, they were convinced to join.  The family quickly became involved with Dave serving on many committees throughout the years and served on the on the Board of Trustees three separate times, one of which as Board President. 

In those early years we met many wonderful people, several of which became lifetime friends. Through the church, we also became incredibly involved in the greater Tulsa community. All Souls has enriched our lives in so many ways. It is because of All Souls that we have and are living a fulfilled, rewarding, and enjoyable life in Tulsa.

Dave Kroll

Dave says volunteering both in the church and in the community has allowed him to use his skills and experiences to help others to achieve their goals. Volunteering has also provided him with a better understanding and appreciation for the excellent work done by the different committees, boards, and organizations at All Souls and in our community. By being a volunteer, one is able to use their skills and experiences to help others giving purpose and meaning to one’s own life.

When speaking about All  Souls, Dave says ever since its founding 100 years ago, our Covenant includes  the words, “…help one another; …and service is its law.” All Souls is a beacon of light in this city that is the “buckle of the bible belt.”  We have opened our doors to all seekers regardless of race, religious belief, political views, or sexual orientation. Together, as an All Souls community acting not only individually, but also through committees and groups, we can better help and serve one another. Congratulations Dave on the All Souls Centennial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Governance and Stewardship.  We are so grateful for the your skills, knowledge, and loving support you give to the our community.