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Improvisational Poetry by Mia Wright

Improvisational poetry created on Sunday, January 22 as part of Rev. Marlin Lavanhar’s Creation in Action sermon during the 10:00 a.m. Traditional service.

by Mia Wright

“Now with creation’s morning song…”
we wake and dance –
specks of light in a vast universe,
but universes in ourselves –
charged and challenged to weave worlds
to wind our hearts with yarns of love
and make magic,
to become more and more possible
with each new day
Gloria Deus
bowed heads, bodies stretches into the unknown
we give our hope to the Great Spirit
who laughs a hearty wind of life
when we see ourselves as other.
Spirit laughs and says,
“You are Me and I am You…”
we are in and of the most powerful forces
of this Earth
yet insecure and self-doubting,
isolated, lonely, but profoundly connected,
mundane, but even in our drudgery of every day
there is art and music and movement
in the patterns we create
as we wake up, go to work, water our plants,
play with our children, hold hands,
ignore phone calls, burn the pot roast, forget,
neglect, confuse, give birth,
give love, give ourselves, and mourn
and weep.
we are dancing and dancing and dancing it all
riding a ridiculous carousel of laughter
starting fires for our ancestors to warm
their fingers by –
we are reaching inside ourselves
and finding everything we need…
specks of light in a vast universe
and universes in ourselves.
God says to us, every day,
“this is a day that you have made,
rejoice in it
and create.”

Improvisational poetry created on Sunday, January 22 as part of Rev. Marlin Lavanhar’s Creation in Action sermon during the 11:30 a.m. Humanist Hour.

melodies & play
by Mia Wright

…and here is our standing invitation
to come and play –
sleep has released is from its embrace
we have rolled lazily, groggily, inventively into this day
spoons clink bin coffee cups,
saxophones trade notes with piano keys,
babies cry, dogs bark in the distance,
Earth-breath of wind tickles the leaves
we are part of the improvisational symphony
of this life we create –
we paint it
in ketchup on dinner plates,
in doodles in meeting agendas,
in finger traces across a lover’s cheek.
“the most elemental and in most aspects of our being…”
connects us like a great guitar string of consciousness
one to another, one in another,
we share in melodies of deep silence
and raucous laughter
we dance,
walking down the street
stumbling tiredly into the supermarket
hugging our loved ones
if only we could see ourselves
in every moment
weaving and whittling new worlds
from the organic matter
of our uniqueness and oneness
what color is your courage?
how will you choreograph the dance of your every single day?
build a fire in the form of memory
and let it guide is all to new truths.
this is the day we’ve been given,
and the invitation is infinite
you are never early or late,
the time, each moment, is now.
come and play.


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