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Socktober: Bring All the Socks to All Souls

“Each night in the United States, an estimated 600,000 people live on the streets. This October, we want 2 million people to show that even a small act of love, such as donating a pair of socks, can make a big difference in the lives of our neighbors who are homeless.” – Socktober

Socktober is an effort to use small acts of kindness to make big difference in lives of the homeless. At the end of our Socktober drive (through the month of October) our 3rd & 4th graders will take a field trip to Tulsa’s Day Center for the Homeless and deliver them to our fellow Tulsans in need.

Socktober was started in 2013 by Robby Novak, a YouTuber known as Kid President and his big-brother-in-law, Brad Montague. It started as a family project and blew up into a national movement. The second year, over 1 million pairs of socks were gathered and delivered to homeless people, and for the last 2 years the count has grown to over 2 million pairs of socks.


The idea is simple: Collect new socks of all sizes throughout the month of October and deliver them to the homeless either directly or through local shelters in the first week of November.

Why socks?

Well, when you’re homeless you spend a lot of time on your feet. Your shoes probably aren’t in the greatest condition, they may not even fit, and as a result your feet hurt.

A lot.

And … winter is coming.

Without shelter, staying warm is extremely difficult, especially keeping your extremities warm – like your feet. If your feet are cold or hurt your mood is going to suffer. If your mood is poor so will be your general attitude and sense of worth. A cozy pair of socks can lift you up enough to face the rest of your challenges.

You may take socks for granted; homeless people covet them.

SocktoberAll the SOCKS & more!

Throughout the month of October, you can drop off new socks in the Children’s Wing Socktober box or in the Socktober box by the front office.

  • Socktober socks must be new, unused socks
  • All sizes, from infant to giant, are needed
  • Every color and design are all welcome

Socktober doesn’t have to be limited to socks either. In fact, the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless is asking for specific items you can drop in our Socktober boxes.

  • Twin-size blankets
  • Women’s underwear, new, all sizes
  • Men’s pants, all sizes

If you can contribute any of the above in addition to, or instead of, socks please do.

During our Socktober drive two years, ago we delivered 320 pairs of socks to the Day Center for the Homeless, along with several coats and blankets!

This year, we’d like to double that. So, please grab a pair of socks, or ten, and drop them in one our Socktober boxes!

Check out this year’s official Socktober kickoff video!

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