10 Things to know about PIE
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10 Things to Know about PIE

At All Souls, SERVICE is our law. Our education-focused team, Partners in Education (PIE) has served the faculty and students of Jackson Elementary for 28 years! Fourteen years ago, PIE expanded its reach to serve Gilcrease Elementary and most recently, McLain 7th Grade Academy.

Here’s 10 things you need to know about PIE.

PIE is kicking off 2018 with a sweet, singing event not-to-be-missed!

  • Sit down with your 2018 calendar and mark Saturday, February 3 for PIE’s main fundraiser, Sing for Our Schools! Sing for Our Schools is more than a marvelous sing-along party! You’ll have a chance to  take home a fabulous, silent auction dessert for your Sunday Super Bowl party!

Cakes & Cobbler and Pie, Oh My

  • PIE is one of the longest-standing All Souls committees with dedicated volunteers serving three Tulsa schools: Gilcrease and Jackson Elementary and McClain 7th Grade Academy.

Be a Star!

  • Sing for Our Schools is a toe-tapping sing along fun-fest where you and the audience are the stars! Although some of our song leaders are well-known Tulsa performers, (uh-hum, Rebecca Ungerman, Thomas Williams, Rebecca Marks Jimerson) they take a back seat to audience members whose enthusiasm is enhanced with adult beverages and light snacks.
  • Through PIE volunteers, school kids have three types of “buddies,” Reading Buddies, Lunch Buddies, and Math Tutors. PIE Buddies spend an hour each week with their student at school, helping them with the basics.
  • In PIE’s three schools, teachers also have buddies with our volunteer school liaisons Jenny Clyde, Bonnie Darby, and Nancy McDonald. They channel principals’ and teachers’ requests to small armies of volunteers get the job done. Fulfilling these requests are great opportunities for PIE volunteers who don’t have time to be a weekly PIE buddy.

PIE People are Party People

  • At Jackson, children with perfect daily attendance are rewarded monthly at a dance party! The program is so successful that it’s become a model for improving elementary school attendance.
  • PIE volunteers also host “for teachers only” events. Read more about our latest teachers-only event, the Back to School Party!
  • You can party with PIE too! PIE has opportunities to serve ranging from mentorship, to working with students in an incentive program, to teaching English to Spanish-speaking parents. Now through Christmas, you can make a wish of a teacher come true with our PIE Wish Trees! Simply pick a star, fulfill the wish, and leave your wrapped item under the PIE Wish Tree.

Not your Granny’s Cookies!

  • Sing for Our Schools brings a lot more than just a sing-along to the table. Get ready to bid on Instagram-worthy, mouth-watering, showcase desserts! All desserts are donated by Tulsa’s top restaurants and bakeries. We won’t tell if you pretend you baked them yourself!
  • PIE makes huge, positive impacts in the lives of Tulsa children. Having that caliber of impact takes more than just time, it takes money. A donation of $10 will lead you to stardom at our annual Sing for Our Schools fundraiser. Sing-along to old and new favorites, have a fantastic time, and bid on cakes and cobblers and PIE — oh my!

To get involved and be a slice of the PIE, email pie@allsoulschurch.org or learn more on our website.


  1. We’re so excited about Sing For Our Schools, it’s the 4th year PIE has held this event. My husband Charlie and I are working on the song book now and are interested to hear suggestions for songs. Post them here!

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  3. Make sure you include “Oklahoma.” Everybody in Oklahoma loves that song! Plus it’s an easy song to sing.

  4. I love “This Land Is Your Land.”

  5. “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” is one that everyone knows.

  6. Will this be like the old Mitch Miller singalong? Will there be a bouncing ball? This sounds like fun!

  7. Catherine Gatchell

    I just saw “Beautiful,” the musical about Carole King. Can we sing some songs from “Tapestry?” How about “You’ve Got a Friend?”

  8. Wow!!! These are such great suggestions!

  9. We always sing “Oklahoma” and This Land – both are mandatory! I also saw “Beautiful” and love Carol King’s music. We’ll try to include something if we can. We appreciate all suggestions, thank you!

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