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Was It a Bad Day?

In election years, the pressure to choose, vote, and/or have an opinion is both obvious and subtle or subliminal. The sense of resistance and/or protestation is unavoidable, even if you try to ignore it. The tension on the planet, including strange weather patterns and shifts in the earth’s crust, are all affected by the collective consciousness of the planet and its people around change, both awareness of and resistance to it.

We must remember that life doesn’t just happen to us. Life happens through and as us. You are the life that occurs and you create it!

Your Self-worth and/or worship (they are identical) have a lot to do with how you experience life and what you create in and as it. Free worth or worship in contrast to dogmatic or legalistic worth and worship makes a huge difference in how you experience yourself, your soul and your sanity.

Don’t put periods where the Universe has commas and use exclamation points as scarcely as possible. Remember what you fight, you ignite, incite, invite, invoke and often invent. Be aware and intentional. You are not just created. You are creative and literally creating constantly. It is your intrinsic divine nature and nurture to invent or create. As Socrates said, first, “know thyself” which means: investigate relevant things and nothing is more relevant than your connection to and awareness of yourself. So as it is said, don’t sweat the small things. Be aware that you create, how and of what you create. And be intentional. Marinate on this for a while and see what comes up!

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