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Summer Stories: Hell, Transcendence, and Knowledge

This Summer, we’ve invited a few of our members who came to All Souls with Carlton D. Pearson in 2008 to share their heart-opening and profoundly inspirational stories.

“I have very deep evangelical roots. Almost fundamentalist roots. For anyone to walk away, to turn their back on those sort of roots is not something human beings do. And, it was not something I expected to do, or wanted to do, or foresaw in anyway.” Doug Henderson joined Rev. Barbara Prose on July 15. He shared his wit and perspectives through storytelling—from fundamentalism to worshipping, to joining and serving the church through photography.

Dr. Teresa Reed joined Rev. Barbara Prose on July 29. She shares how, over the past 15 years, she has moved beyond the limitations of scripture and discovered a deeper love for the broader world.

Colin Bent, who served three terms on All Souls Board of Trustees and was an original member of the All Souls Intercultural Bridging Team, embodies the expression “life-long learner.” He joined Rev. Marlin Lavanhar on August 5. He shared stories about his personal shifts in understanding from his life. “The changes that I have experienced have been geographic, ideological, and theological,” Colin said. “Even though I have become more informed, many questions still exist.”

During the 2018 summer months, All Souls hosted Summer Sundays: Life Beyond … 

Watch talks from Nicole Ogundare with Rev. Lavanhar, Rev. Carmen White-Janak, and Dorothy Checotah with Rev. Davis share their profoundly inspirational stories on our blog, Summer Stories. Since the film Come Sunday was released on Netflix, Carlton Pearson has launched his online ministry You can see Carlton at All Souls in-person or via our live stream two Sundays a month. He will preach in the 10 & 11:30 a.m. service on Sunday, September 2.

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  2. Summer Stories: Heart-Opening Journeys - BeyondBelief

    […] This Summer, we’ve invited a few of our members who came to All Souls with Carlton D. Pearson in 2008 to share their heart-opening and profoundly inspirational stories. Watch and listen to the stories of Colin Bent, Teresa Reed, and Doug Henderson on our blog.  […]

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