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Seeking That Which Unites Us

Spirit of Life and Love,
In this time of uncertainty
Of fear and angst
Our nation holds its collective breath

In this time
When rhetoric blusters about
And words are used as weapons
Our nation clenches its fists
Tightens its shoulders
Eyes squeezed shut
Some are preparing for a fight

May we remember we are a people of resilience
We have faced uncertainty before
We have weathered storms
We have been consumed by flames
We have risen like the phoenix from the ashes
And we will again
We the people

May we remember our shared humanity
Our universal kinship; our interdependence
As we unclench our fists and breathe together
Breathing in love and breathing out peace
May we recognize the spark of the divine inside all of us
Even those we are not quite sure about

In this time of uncertainty
We remember the good will go on
As we work to move forward together
We the people
Seeking that which unites us
With our arms reaching out wide
For life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
May love prevail.

In the name of all that is holy we pray, Amen.

Courtesy of UUA.org’s Worship Web. Cover photo by NASA on Unsplash

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