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Accountability Sessions: Will You Be H.E.R.E.

All Souls has joined the call to UU the Vote on a national scale and our commitment to ACTION Tulsa is bringing the call for accountability to our local candidates for City offices.

During the Accountability Sessions, community members will share stories of how our friends and neighbors are impacted by public decisions in the areas of Health Care, Economic Recovery, Racial Bias, and Evictions (H.E.R.E.) and candidates will be asked how they would address these issues.

Accountability Sessions City Council & Mayoral Candidates presented by ACTION!
City Council: Thursday, August 6 | 7 p.m. | Register here
Mayoral Candidates: Thursday, August 13 | 7 p.m. | Register here
ACTION will discuss Healthcare, Economic Recovery, Racial Bias, and Evictions with candidates for city office during these two online accountability sessions. Each session will include stories from Tulsans illustrating their related challenges, followed by questions to candidates about how they would address those challenges if elected. City Council Districts 1, 4, 6, 7, and 9 candidates in will join the discussion on August 6 and Mayoral Candidates will be on August 13. Visit for more information. All Souls is a proud faith partner with ACTION. 

“Are you H.E.R.E. with us?”

ACTION’s Accountability Sessions will share these issues through real life stories of families in our community and ask candidates for city office to respond during two online accountability sessions led by local ACTION leaders in August.

The ‘WHY’ behind why we need you to show up.

“It’s important for people to know why they are being asked to attend these accountability sessions. These are not ‘candidate forums’ where the candidates talk about their ideas and priorities,” Deanna Tirrell, All Souls ACTION team member said. “ACTION accountability sessions are about having the candidates listen to the stories of people experiencing challenges in our community due to public decisions that have been made, and hearing how different decisions can relieve the pressures families face. We ask the candidates to publicly commit to supporting our agenda and to working with us if they are elected.”

Our community needs you H.E.R.E. to show your support for fair, just, equitable public decisions from our elected city leaders!

“The accountability sessions aren’t about just benefiting the people attending and helping people become “an educated voter,” Deanna said. “They are about the people of All Souls being called to stand with those who are struggling, and telling elected officials that we are publicly holding them accountable for working toward just solutions, solutions that benefit even the least of these in our city.”

“I hope to see our All Souls community on the sessions and encourage everyone to invite someone else to attend and be a part of this important work. Joining the ACTION accountability sessions is simple, safe, and a meaningful way to take action for a better city,” Deanna said.

Showing up for an accountability session is a way to live our values! 

All Souls has asked our congregation to stand together on issues since we became a member institution of ACTION. With ACTION our power is increased by showing up alongside other congregations across the city.

ACTION is a coalition of congregations and nonprofits representing almost 5,000 Tulsans; everyone in a member institution is a part of ACTION! Our power comes from showing up together in solidarity to support the common good for our community. Our faith and values call us to do so!

ACTION’s mission is to strengthen institutions, build relational power, and advocate change by acting collectively to improve our quality of life in the Tulsa area. Learn more at or contact Sue Williams at (let us know if you would like help using Zoom).


If you’re voting via Absentee Ballot, All Souls ACTION is hosting another Notary Event at All Souls!

Notary Event hosted by All Souls ACTION 
Saturday, August 15  |  10 to 2 p.m.  |  All Souls Parking Lot, 2952 S. Peoria Ave.
All Souls ACTION Notary Event will offer free notary for those who chose this method for casting their absentee ballots in the city elections scheduled for Tuesday, August 25. Oklahoma still requires that absentee ballots must either be notarized or that a copy of a valid ID be submitted. Early voting will be August 20, 21, and 22 at the Tulsa Election Board, 555 N. Denver Ave. The deadline to register for the election is July 31, 2020. Absentee ballots may be requested at OK Voter Portal, The final date to request absentee ballots is August 19.  

When voting by Absentee, follow these rules for your vote to count!
If your absentee ballot is mailed to you, you must return it to the county election board by mail. An absentee ballot must be received by the county election board before 7 p.m. on election day to be counted. Absentee ballots may also be delivered in-person to your county election board during regular business hours. Ballots delivered by hand must be returned no later than the end of business hours on the day before the election.

Tulsa City Elections Voting information
Tuesday, August 25  |  7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Early voting will be Aug. 20, 21, and 22 at the Tulsa County Election Board, 555 N. Denver. Ave. Absentee ballots may be requested at OK Voter Portal, The final day to register for this election is July 31.               

All Souls is a proud faith partner of ACTION Tulsa. All Souls ACTION provides All Souls’ members, together with other community activists, a vehicle for a unified, citywide voice that compels policy and business leaders to more effectively address the needs and concerns of Tulsa’s families. This organization offers a unique opportunity for All Souls to demonstrate its values and traditions of social justice and community activism, and to put them into action, impacting public policies and practices. Read all of the posts about our work within ACTION on our blog!

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