Practice & Voice

Church Out of the Box!

Come together to live out our Covenant and our Peace Practices!

Church Out of the Box is our latest, Wednesday chapel offering, beginning October 27. Join us online at or watch in person in the Sanctuary. Chapel begins at 6:30 p.m.

Join us each week during Sunday’s Service on the West Playground for free-form play and community building. Children who are at least five and entering kindergarten to 5th grade and their families are welcome to explore the West playground. We ask that if you are leaving your child in our care, please stay on campus to attend service or volunteer in some other capacity. Because slots are limited, we ask that you register your child each week. Please leave your cell phone on vibrate and let us know where you will be so that we can find you in case of emergency.

Youth activities

During this time, Youth in 6th through 12th grades will be washing cars and staffing the BrUUnch for Boston Table. Vaccinated Youth may also assist with Church of Play Activities.

We need your help!

We ask that each family take a turn in the cooperative care of our children by helping out one Sunday a month to give other parents and caregivers respite.  In addition we ask that the families participating in this program be vaccinated against COVID-19 and that the children are up to date on their  medically recommended vaccinations. You can sign up to volunteer here.

We’ve missed you and your children, and can’t wait to see you again. Come play with us!

All Souls offers a variety of programming for children and youth from pre-k through high school. Learn more about our programs at!