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Join & Enjoy the All Souls Virtual Supper Club

All Souls Supper Club is proud to announce a new way to participate in the tradition of Supper Club.

We invite all who worship remotely to join us the second Saturday of the month*. We invite those who miss Wednesday night suppers before chapel to share a virtual table. While we will miss the food and drink, we will continue to enjoy the fellowship of All Souls while we break virtual bread, renew old acquaintances, and make new friends.

Supper Club Goes Global

For decades, Supper Club members met monthly at a host’s house for camaraderie, conversation, friendship, and food. It was and is a great way to meet other members and explore the community of All Souls in an unstructured setting. The Virtual Supper Club is a worldwide expansion of this tradition to share the All Souls community of friendship, comradery, and conversation wherever you live.

Virtual Supper Club continues the tradition while ensuring the safety of members during the pandemic. Instead of meeting in-person at a host’s house, members will meet virtually using All Souls’ Zoom technology. We will now have “suppers” everywhere members live whether they are local, in another state, or another nation. This is an opportunity to share the All Souls community across the globe.

Join Us on Second Saturdays

Virtual suppers will be held on the second Saturday of each month beginning on September 18th at 7 pm. Members will follow a church Zoom link sent several days earlier. After signing in, members will be moved to a “house” (i.e. breakout room) of their host. Hosts and guests are randomly assigned to each room. Every month will have a new mix of hosts and guests. Aside from introductions, the supper is unstructured. Eight people in a room gives optimum opportunity to share.

Contact the club’s coordinator Chris Campbell to join or for more information. Updated information on Virtual Supper Club will be provided to all current and new members before the September supper.

* Virtual Supper Club will occur on second Saturdays, except for the first dinner which will be held September 18.

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